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Spain: Advice regarding running of the bulls 2017

A large number of New Zealand citizens travel to Pamplona, Spain for the San Fermin festivities that take place from 6 to 14 of July 2017.

Running with the bulls is dangerous. The run takes place in a narrow crowded alley in which there are two particularly dangerous sections where a number of deaths have occurred. Every year a number of people are injured and hospitalised. New Zealanders have been amongst them.

The Embassy's advice is not to run but rather to watch and enjoy the festivities. Your travel insurance policy might not cover participation in this dangerous activity.

For further information on the festivities visit the San Fermin website.


Unfortunately some become victims of robberies and pickpocketing, sometimes losing all their important documentation such as passports, tickets, and bankcards. We strongly urge New Zealand citizens to take particular care of their possessions, especially on public transport and in transport terminals. You are strongly advised to carry a photocopy of your passport and leave your original documents in safe deposit boxes in hotels, hostels or camping grounds. The Pamplona city council is also planning to provide a 24-hour left luggage service at the school in Plaza San Francisco.

Sexual offences have commonly been reported during San Fermines. Women travellers should take particular care, even when travelling in a group, and report all incidents to the police straight away.

Fountain Jumping

New Zealanders attending San Fermines are advised not to participate in “fountain jumping” from the fountain in the Navarrería. Local authorities have prohibited the activity and you may be fined. The activity is not an official tradition of San Fermines, however every year a number of participants have suffered serious injuries.

Consular Services

If you do get into trouble, and need to contact the New Zealand Embassy in Madrid, the phone number is +34 915 230 226. Outside of standard working hours please also ring the above number and you will be transferred to the Consular after-hours number.

If you have had your money stolen, the quickest way to get cash sent to you from New Zealand is through Western Union. Their free phone number in Spain is 900 633 633 (available daily from 8am to 11pm).

Full replacement passports are only issued by the Passport Office in London, and can be applied for online. Only in emergency situations can the Embassy issue a limited validity Emergency Travel Document (ETD). For further information and forms, visit the Department of Internal Affairs website. Before taking any action, you should check with the Pamplona Police 24-hour lost and found service, available in English, on +34 948 420 612 or 010, in case your passport has been handed in. The service is located at Calle Monasterio de Irache 2, Pamplona.

The New Zealand Embassy in Madrid can help you contact relatives and friends back home and provide lists of local doctors and lawyers should you need it, but we cannot pay hotel, travel, medical or legal expenses, nor give you legal advice or get you out of prison. New Zealanders are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting. If you are coming to Spain for the festival we encourage you to respect local laws and customs.

If you are travelling to Spain for San Fermines, please ensure you register your travel details on SafeTravel, take out comprehensive travel insurance, and read our travel advice for Spain.


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