Official advice for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas

  • Reviewed: 8 January 2020, 13:15 NZDT
  • Still current at: 18 January 2020

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Exercise increased caution

Exercise increased caution in Australia due to the threat of terrorism.

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We have information about the bushfires currently impacting Australia here.

Petty crime such as bag snatching, passport theft and pickpocketing can occur in Australia, particularly in tourist areas. We advise New Zealanders to be alert to their surroundings and take steps to safeguard and secure their personal belongings.

New Zealanders travelling and living in Australia are advised to take account of the terrorism threat level assigned by Australian authorities when making travel decisions. The current national threat system assesses the likelihood of an act of terrorism occurring in Australia as ‘Probable’ (level three on a five level scale).  

Australia remains a target of terrorist interest, both from international terror groups and from domestic-based extremists. Credible intelligence, assessed by Australian authorities indicates that individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct  terrorist attacks in Australia. Attacks could be indiscriminate, and occur anywhere at anytime.

New Zealanders in Australia are advised to monitor the media for information about threats to safety and security and follow any instructions issued by local authorities. Remain vigilant about your personal security and take sensible precautions.

General travel advice
Demonstrations occasionally occur in Australia. New Zealanders in Australia are advised to avoid all demonstrations, protests and large public gatherings as even those intended as peaceful have the potential to turn violent with little warning.

Bushfires are possible throughout the warmer months in Australia, which can also affect air quality at times. If travelling to Australia check the state fire and emergency sites for up to date information.

New Zealanders making short-term visits to Australia are advised to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Make sure this covers you for all activities you plan to do while in Australia.

Although we have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia which entitles New Zealand residents to emergency hospital treatment, the agreement does not cover out-of-hospital medical treatment including services like ambulance cover, medical evacuations and elective treatment including doctors' visits.  

New Zealanders planning to live in Australia long-term should see our Going to Australia section, and the New Zealand High Commission to Australia’s Living in Australia section.

New Zealanders travelling or living in Australia are encouraged to register their details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Travel tips

The New Zealand High Commission Canberra, Australia

Street Address 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla, ACT 2600 (visitor entrance on Forster Crescent) Telephone +61 2 6270 4211 Fax +61 2 6273 3194 Email Web Site Hours Mon - Fri 0845 - 1700 hours

New Zealand Consulate-General Melbourne, Australia

Street Address Level 4, 45 William Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia Postal Address PO Box 559, Collins St West VIC 8007 Telephone +61 3 9678 0201 Email Web Site Hours Mon-Fri 0900-12.30, 1330-1600 hrs

New Zealand Consulate-General Sydney, Australia

Street Address Level 22, 20 Bond Street, Sydney, 2000, New South Wales Postal Address GPO Box 365, Sydney, NSW 2001 Telephone +61 2 9270 5900 Fax +61 2 9270 5999 Email Hours Mon-Fri 0900-1230 hrs and 1330-1600 hrs

New Zealand Honorary Consulate Western Australia, Australia

Street Address 1 Sleat Road Applecross WA 6153 Telephone (08) 9364 1700 Fax (08) 9329 3603 Email Hours Mon - Fri 08.00 - 1700 pm

See our regional advice for Australia

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New Zealand High Commission Australia

Street Address
140 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla, ACT 2600 (visitor entrance on Forster Crescent)

Telephone: +61 2 6270 4211

Fax: +61 2 6273 3194



Hours: Mon - Fri 0845 - 1700 hours

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