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Ethiopia: Civil Unrest

On 22 June 2019, Ethiopia experienced two incidents of political violence directed against government officials in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.

There is a heightened presence of police and security forces throughout the country. The internet (including mobile internet) and SMS/text messaging services were shut down following the incidents. Some services have been since been restored, but may be shut down again with little notice.

New Zealanders in Ethiopia are advised to exercise vigilance throughout the country and avoid all protests, demonstrations and large public gatherings as they have the potential to turn violent with little warning. If you are in an area affected by demonstrations or violence, you should find a safe location and remain indoors until it is safe to depart, adhering to any instructions and restrictions issued by the local authorities. Monitor the media to stay informed of local developments and potential risks to safety and security.

New Zealanders in Ethiopia requiring emergency consular assistance can call +251 11 515269 during normal working hours, or the after-hours number +251 935 021 436.

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