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Europe: Heatwave

Warm weather producing record high temperatures of over 45 degrees celcius is affecting Spain, Portugal, Greece and other parts of southern Europe. This heatwave heightens the threat of forest fires, and sunstroke.

The Meteoalarm website has issued several red weather warnings for extreme temperatures in southern parts of Portugal, Badajoz province in Spain, areas of Switzerland and Croatia. For the most up to date information about weather warnings, please see the Meteoalarm website.

We advise New Zealanders to take common-sense precautions, such as drinking sufficient amounts of water, avoiding excessive physical exertion outdoors, seeking shade or using air-conditioning appropriately. This applies to the elderly, infants and anybody not feeling well. Those affected by the warm weather should take care when out in the sun, and have a look at the sunsmart website for advice on sun protection. Monitor the media for the most up to date information, and follow any advice from local authorities.

New Zealanders requiring consular assistance should contact the relevant New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. Find a list of our diplomatic missions here.

New Zealanders in Europe are advised to update their registration information or take this opportunity to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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