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Heading overseas on a break?

Recent terrorist attacks in Europe, in popular places frequented by Kiwi travellers, have put the spotlight on important measures everyone should take to help ensure their safety while overseas. 

Here are our top tips for a safe and memorable holiday:

  • Register on SafeTravel - this allows us to update you on security at your destination, as well as contact you in the event of an emergency to confirm you are OK. Registered travellers are usually the first we contact following an incident. If you haven’t registered with us, it’s very difficult for us to account for your well-being following a major incident – this can be very stressful for your loved ones. 
  • Read our travel advice - before you head overseas, research your proposed destination and ensure your itinerary doesn’t include areas we advise are ‘high risk’ or ‘extreme risk’. Our travel advice also gives country-specific advice on how you can ensure your safety at your destination. 
  • Stay in touch with your family and friends – in the event of a major incident, you should let your family and friends back in New Zealand know you’re OK as soon as possible. 
  • Monitor the media and other local information sources – this helps you stay informed of any potential risks to your safety and security. 
  • Follow the instructions and advice given by local authorities – this includes any restrictions on movement in the immediate aftermath of a major incident. 
  • Take out comprehensive travel insurance – in the event of a major incident, your insurance company may be able to help arrange changes to your travel plans.
  • Note the contact details of the Embassy or High Commission of the country you are travelling in so you can make contact if there is any consular assistance we can provide you.

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