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United States of America: Changes to entry requirements

NOTE: The Executive Order detailed has not come into force. Derrick K. Watson, a federal judge in Hawaii, has issued a nationwide temporary restraining order against enforcement of the revised travel ban executive order. Our advice remains that any New Zealand’s who require advice on entry into the United States should contact the United States Embassy or Consulate General in New Zealand before travelling.

An Executive Order signed by President Trump on 6 March 2017 (US time) will, when implemented, temporarily suspend entry into the United States of foreign nationals from six countries: Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. A previous Executive Order on immigration, issued by the Trump Administration of 27 January, has been revoked.

From 16 March 2017, the new Executive Order will suspend the issuing of visas for travellers from these six countries for 90 days. The Executive Order does not restrict the travel of New Zealand dual nationals, so long as they travel on their New Zealand passport and possess a valid United States visa.

We encourage all New Zealanders who require advice on entry into the United States to contact the United States Embassy or Consulate in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is unable to advise on the entry requirements of other countries.

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