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Venezuela: National Constituent Assembly Elections

On 30 July 2017, government-sanctioned elections for a National Constituent Assembly took place in Venezuela. Large scale political rallies and demonstrations are occurring daily, often resulting in civil unrest and violent clashes with deployed security forces. Tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets have been used against protestors, and clashes between protestors and armed government supporters have resulted in serious injuries and over 100 deaths.

New Zealanders in Venezuela are advised to avoid all political rallies, demonstrations and large public gatherings as they have the potential to result in violence. Being in the vicinity of protests may result in arbitrary arrest and detention. You should adhere to any instructions issued by the local authorities and monitor local media and information sources to stay informed of developments. It’s likely that transport and commercial activity may be disrupted in areas affected by protest activity, so it’s recommended having several days’ worth of food, water and essential medications on hand as a contingency measure.

See our Venezuela travel advisory for more information.

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