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New Language for Travel Advisories

We have changed the language we use within our travel advisory levels categories, to make them more useful for New Zealanders travelling overseas.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade now uses a four level system to give advice in each of our travel advisories:

-   Exercise normal safety and security precautions (previously “no significant security risk”)

-   Exercise increased caution (previously “some risk”)

-   Avoid non-essential travel (previously “high risk”)

Indonesia: Lombok: 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9 struck eastern Lombok (Nusa Tenggara province), on 5 August 2018. There have been several significant aftershocks of 6.5 magnitude on 19 August, and 6.2 magnitude on 9 August. Aftershocks are expected to continue. Reports indicate that over 90 people have died, and there are over 200 severely injured although these numbers are likely to rise.

Nicaragua: Civil Unrest

There has been a prolonged period of political unrest and street violence in many areas in Nicaragua since mid-April 2018. This has involved the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition, causing many serious casualties and fatalities. There is potential for further violence and disorder – marches and demonstrations continue, particularly in and around Managua and Masaya. Major transport routes are frequently blocked, including land borders, and crime has increased significantly since the protests began, resulting in looting and food shortages.