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Ethiopia: Civil Unrest

On 22 June 2019, Ethiopia experienced two incidents of political violence directed against government officials in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.  There is a heightened presence of police and security forces throughout the country, and the internet (including mobile internet) and SMS/text messaging services have been shut down.

Sudan: Civil Unrest

Protests have intensified in Khartoum and across Sudan. On 3 June 2019, at least 100 protesters were reportedly killed and many more injured by Sudanese security services. The security situation could deteriorate quickly.

Sri Lanka: Explosions in and near Colombo

On 21 April 2019, multiple bomb blasts occurred at churches and hotels in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka causing 290 deaths and 500 injuries.
New Zealanders throughout Sri Lanka are advised to exercise a high degree of personal security awareness at all times, be alert during religious or national festivals, avoid large public gatherings and exercise caution in areas with large crowds. Further attacks, including low-scale or opportunistic attacks, cannot be ruled out.

Argentina and Panama: Hantavirus

Hantavirus is widespread in four regions in Argentina: North (Jujuy, Salta), Central (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Entre Rios), Northeast (Misiones) and South (Rio Negro, Neuquen and Chubut). Earlier this year there was an outbreak of hantavirus in Epuyen (Chubut Province) in Southern Argentina. There is also a high number of hantavirus cases in the Los Santos Province of Panama. Hantavirus can be transmitted by contact with infected rodents.