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Australia: Bushfires

Major bushfires have been severely affecting parts of both New South Wales and Queensland. A State of Emergency was declared by the New South Wales Premier and a State of Fire Emergency was also declared across 42 Local Government Areas in Queensland. Both have since been lifted. Many residents in the affected areas in both states were issued a ‘leave immediately’ or ‘prepare to leave’ order. Severe bushfires have the potential to continue to occur throughout Australia during the summer period.

India: Severe Air Pollution

Major cities in India are currently experiencing severe levels of air pollution. Some of the most common health effects of air pollution include irritation of eyes, throat and lungs. For people with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis, breathing in air pollution can make these conditions worse. 

California: Wildfires

Major wildfires have been severely affecting both Northern and Southern California. A state-wide state of emergency was declared by the California Governor in late October, and while it has since been lifted, the situation remains volatile due to extremely dry conditions.

Spain: Protests

Widespread protests and demonstrations are ongoing in Catalonia, including in Barcelona, and are expected to continue for some time. Violent clashes have occurred between demonstrators and police resulting in injuries.  During protests, strikes and demonstrations, transport services are likely to be affected and delays expected.

We advise New Zealanders in the area to:

Egypt: Suspension of Flights

On 20 July British Airways announced that it was suspending its flights to Cairo for seven days as a security precaution. Lufthansa have announced similar measures for two flights. Other airlines may be affected. If you plan to travel to Egypt we advise you to contact your airline for further information.